Stour XC. is a schooling cross-country course located in South Dorset

Stour Cross-Country Course

Welcome to Stour Cross Country! Our cross-country course is in Spetisbury, near Blandford, South Dorset. We have been open for schooling since 2012; we offer the perfect range of obstacles to suit all levels of riders, from complete beginners to those looking to strengthen their skills & have fun on the course.  

Our main course & mini-course have a total of 38 jumps ranging from 30-100 cm (2-3 feet), including a training bank with wooden steps & drops, two training ditches, & water jumps. Both courses are redesigned each year to ensure an enjoyable & challenging experience for everyone.

Common jump types include logs, banks, ditches, water complexes, & brush jumps. Log jumps are generally formed by placing logs on the ground & adjusting their height according to the difficulty level. Ditches, water complexes, & brush jumps also offer a set of unique designs & obstacles for the horse & rider to tackle. With so many varieties of jumps, cross-country riding is a thrilling & challenging sport that tests a rider’s skills.

Join us & see why Stour XC is the perfect place for cross-country horse riding!

What is a cross-country horse-riding course?

Cross-country horse riding is an exciting form of horseback riding. It requires riders to lead their horses across various terrains, such as meadows, over fences, & through water crossings. The objective is to complete the course within a set timewith the least amount of fault or penalty. Cross-country courses are designed to test the rider’s agility, balance, control & accuracy skills, & the horse’s obedience & fitness. The courses usually include various-sized hurdles, fences, water jumps, ditches & banks designed to be manageable for the horse & rider. Cross-country horse riding is a challenging yet rewarding sport for the experienced, brave horse-rider.


“I love the ability to choose what combinations & components of different fences to practice those XC skills across a large & inviting area.

I recommend it for anybody practising to get braver or those getting ready for the eventing season. There are new configurations & jumps on the site too.”


Facilities & Opening Hours

We provide two cross-country courses with limited capacity, each of which can accommodate up to six riders simultaneously, with an additional six riders allowed to warm up. Our facilities include a restroom, toilet, standpipe, & ample parking with direct access to the A350.

From March to October, our operating hours depend on the daylight & weather conditions. We are pleased to offer discounted rates for clubs & instructors. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more.

Our Pricing

We offer a range of rates for the Stour XC Course, depending on the rider’s age & the session duration.

For individual adult riders, the cost is £28 per session, which lasts for 90 minutes. Riders who are aged sixteen & under are charged £23 per session.

Our Stour XC Mini Course rate is £16 per rider per session.

To ensure that the course remains uncrowded, we limit the number of horses to six on the course at any one time, with an additional six horses allowed in the warm-up area. 
All clubs & instructors must provide a valid insurance certificate before using the course. For group bookings, don’t hesitate to contact us to check availability & pricing.

Cross-country horse riding is an exciting & exhilarating sport. It combines speed, skill, & physical fitness & involves navigating a course of various jumps, terrain, & obstacles. A typical cross-country horse course includes various jumps from small logs to more elaborate combinations such as brush, banks, & ditches, as well as water, natural, & manmade obstacles.

Jumps can range in height & the rider must be able to execute the jumps in a safe & efficient manner. Additionally, the jumps must be navigated in the correct sequence to complete the course successfully. Cross-country horse riding is an exciting & rewarding sport, & with the right preparation & training, it is sure to provide hours of entertainment.

Cross-country riding is a great way to challenge yourself & improve your riding skills.

A cross-country riding course can be a great way to learn new techniques, gain confidence, & increase your overall riding ability. With the proper instruction & guidance, riders can learn the basics of navigating cross-country terrain & techniques for improving speed & control when navigating hills, jumps, & other obstacles.

While it may involve some risk, cross-country riding is an exciting & rewarding experience that can help you take your riding ability to the next level!

How to find us

Field Dairy Farm is the home of Stour XC. Field Dairy Farm in Spetisbury is directly adjacent to the A350, which allows for quick and easy access to heavy goods vehicles. The farm is about ten miles North of Poole and approximately four miles south of Blandford Forum and is also where we have our Business Units and Storage facilities.

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